Pomona Police Department Community Outreach Programs

Compassionate Pomona has engaged the Pomona Police Department in a conversation about community policing. The following information is from Corporal Chris Lewis in June, 2020 about the programs run by the Pomona Police Department.

Implicit Bias Training

In July, 2020, Pomona Police Department Leadership participated in an implicit bias training program, hosted at CalPoly Pomona partnering with Compassionate Pomona.

Cops-4-Kids, Junior Cadet Program

This is a confidence and self-discipline program designed for kids between ages 9-13. It is an after school program with educational and physical activities which emphasizes personal responsibility, self-respect, and self-discipline.  There are personal safety components such as drugs, gangs, and prevention at becoming a victim. There is homework assistance, team building and peer networking to create a sense of community and a social structure. It can be summed up by its motto “Respect given is respect earned.”  It is in partnership with the PUSD and relies heavily on community donations.  School Resource Officers run the program and the lead officer, Cynthia Jimenez, was raised in Pomona.

Police Explorer Program, Post #160

This program is far more law enforcement oriented and allows youth from 14-18 to enter the program (and remain until age 21) to expose them to policing from a inside perspective.  It allows for greater community transparency and life experience.  They learn about the day-to-day operations and functions of Pomona PD.  Many of our most successful officers were once Pomona Police Explorers and credit the program to their decision to serve the citizens as a Pomona Police Officer. Explorers ages 16 and older, who have completed mandatory training, can go on ride-alongs with patrol officers to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Coffee with a Cop

These are regularly scheduled “open forums” in which police personnel gather at a designated coffee shop and mingle with random citizens on a one-on-one basis.  Its informal, unstructured, and allows for “grass-roots” relationships to develop with the community and those officers who police their community. 

Youth Campout

This event is a combination of City funds and private donations.  It is an overnight camping event, held within the City of Pomona, which includes entertainment, food, activities, and interaction with police personnel.  It is geared to be a fun, family, event which strengthens the rapport between police and youth.

Citizen’s Academy

This program, which takes place over several weeks, exposes interested participants into a simplified version of a police academy.  Rather than training for competence and legal ability, as a seven month police academy would,  it simply exposes them to the realities of policing.  This increases the knowledge the community has of what the role of police is in society, the laws and policies pertaining to policing, and dispels many myths about what policing is all about.   This very popular program is offered in English and Spanish. 

These programs are in addition to the Area Commander Community Meetings, Neighborhood Watch, Downtown Unit, School Resource Officers, Crime Prevention Classes, Shred-a-thon, and fund raising events during a typical year.