Daily Schedule Inspiration

Schedules provide children with a sense of stability, security, and structure in these uncertain times! Here is a sample daily schedule to help you and your family.

7 AMWake up! Pick up Breakfast and Lunch at one of 6 school sites: Emerson MS, Ganesha HS, Garey HS, Golden Springs ES, Palomares Academy, Washington ES (7:30-9:00). Eat Breakfast.
8 AMSky Breathing for 5 minutes for the whole family to decrease stress and aid learning.Victory Breath, Power Breath, Snake Breath, Straw Breath
9 AMCLASS TIME! Look for directions from your teacher or check on the website for help: PUSD.org.
12 PMTime for stretching or light exercise! Use your imagination! Touch your toes, Reach for the Sky, Run in Place, Sit ups, Push ups, Arm rolls
12:15 PMTime for lunch!
1:30 PMArt project: Draw a picture: Paper and pencils/crayons/ markers or use your Chromebook! Practice your musical instrument, or sing!
3 PMHomework Time! Go to PUSD.org, “online resources” for homework help or ask your teacher for help during class time.

After dinner work on a Compassionate Pomona project! This month’s theme is “EARTH.” Try planting seeds, creating artwork, or writing a poem on what Earth Day means to you. Be creative! Need more information? Click here.