California Becomes a Compassionate State!

Assembly Passes Historic Declaration of California as the First “Compassionate” State in the Nation

The California Assembly passed Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 18, titled “Compassionate California”, on Thursday, August 26, 2021. The Resolution passed the Assembly with no opposition (73-0) andwith 68 Co-Authors.  As you will recall, it passed the Senate on Monday, April 26, 2021 with no opposition (32-0).  Introduced into the Senate by Senator Dave Cortese (D-San Jose), the Resolution declares California to be the first Compassionate State in the United States of America. 

The Resolution is now headed back to the Senate to be enrolled and engrossed and then sent over to the Secretary of State’s Office (Dr. Shirley Weber) to be filed and take effect.  This final processing will likely take place this coming Monday, 8/30/21.

Our Compassion Champions, Senator Dave Cortese (SD15, San Jose) and staff including Alan Moore, Legislative Aide, and Tara Sreekrishnan, Deputy Chief of Staff & Press Secretary; Assemblymember Ash Kalra (AD27, San Jose) and staff; the CA State Legislature; our CC Resolution TEAM (Girish Shah, Laura Hansen, Lisa Berkley, Jo Ann Gaines); additional support team Lora O’Connor, the Bruny’s, Laura Burgis, Marilyn Turkovich, Mimi Hicklin, Suzanne Reed, and more); our full CC TEAM; the Charter; along with the Universe – ALL DELIVERED!  Special thanks to Girish Shah and the Silicon Valley Interreligious Council (SiVIC), San Jose, for the lead on this effort!   

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