Update 4/29/2020

Dear Compassionate Pomona Friends,

Our next Zoom gathering is tomorrow, Thursday, April 30 from 9:45 to 11:30 am.

Below is your invitation for the meeting. The time is dependent on the unfolding discussion It usually lasts about 2 hours. Please send me items you would like to have on the AGENDA.

Zoom Meeting Link
Meeting ID: 165 760 146
Download the Zoom app at www.zoom.us.org if you haven’t. Click on Join zoom call. Then open Audio and Video links as directed. 

How amazed I am at the ideas generated by this group and the actions that we take in this time of stress. Congratulations!

I feel so honored to work with each and every one of you as we bring together the needs we find in our community with the resources we have or know about.

I hope we understand the power of our thoughts and actions locally and how they move through our world in unseen and unknown ways, making positive differences we may never discover.  Having Compassionate California and the Global Charter for Compassion following us is one way word of our work gets out. 

However, I encourage us to support each other by sharing what we are doing on social media, taking things from our amazing website and putting them out on our social media sites.  Check out the new information on www.compassionatepomona.org especially the Covid-19 Resources that Paul Roach has been putting together. Notice our new Pandemic Humor section in there!

Many of us are working with a number of groups and institutions, all of which are working for the good of our community in a number of ways. Our Mayor has a Covid-19 Task Force working on Basic Needs, Education, Health and Well-Being, Fundraising, and Business & Economic Development in this pandemic. Here is a flyer for Saturday May 2’s Pomona Food Drive in Washington Park. Please share it. 

And so much more as we understand how ME and YOU are part of each other.

Love and Blessings,

Rev. Jan Chase


Meeting Agenda – April 30, 2020

Meeting Notes – April 23, 2020

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