Update 4/2/2020

Dear Compassionate Pomona Friends,

Our next Zoom gathering is Thursday, April 2 from 9:45 to 11:30 am.

Zoom Meeting Link
Meeting ID: 165 760 146

It is so good to check in with each other in the fast moving world. As a Compassionate City, how can we best support each other, our residents (including the elderly, families, the sick, and those who have lost income), our businesses and nonprofits, our health care centers, and our leaders who have so much responsibility at this time? How can we best hear concerns and communicate updates and resources, etc.?

And how can we keep our attitudes positive, which gives us energy to do what is our to do in this critical time, and builds strong immune systems that help protect us from Covid-19.  Let’s spread a positive attitude, rather than the virus!

attitue contagious, have one worth catching.jpg

They say laughter is strong medicine. So I invite you to bring ideas and humor to the table.

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Paul Roach is working on our www.compassionatepomona.org website and adding to it as people send in things. Andrew Quinones will be working the Pomona Promise Website and our Mayor Tim Sandoval is talking to the community about ways to best communicate with our residents. Links to various websites would be great, but what about the many don’t have internet. Hopefully they may all be on our call along with people from PUDS, Restorative Practices, Sky Breathing, Compassion Quilt, and building our 777 Consciousness of Connectedness, and our other amazing initiatives in the community.


Rev. Jan Chase

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