Unity Church gives generously

Unity Church of Pomona has been very involved in Giving this Holiday Season. They collected items for Hygiene kits which They gave to Volunteers of America and some of their friends in need. Their seats are filled with stuffed animals to give to local toy give-aways and toys cluster in their sanctuary to find children to love them. Their tree is filled with socks for Haynes Home for Boys and the House of Ruth. They also collected blankets which they gave to Phillip Senteno of Forward Progress to give to the homeless. The members of Unity Church love this season of Giving and wish all a wondrous Holiday Season filled with the Spirit of Compassion that connects us all! 

To learn more about Unity Church of Pomona, visit: http://wwwpomonaunity.publishpath.com/

Do you have a story of Giving to share during the month of December? Email Lauren Cohen at pastorlauren@mypomonachurch.org or share your story on Facebook using #KindnessPomona!

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