Pomona Fellowship COB “adopts” local families

Pomona Fellowship Church of the Brethren participates in an Adopt-A-Family each Christmas season. The church receives information about one or two families in Pomona who need a little extra help with gifts this year. The family members have asked for specific items such as articles of clothing, toys, books, etc. Members of the congregation select a gift or two to purchase alongside their regular Christmas gift shopping. If any members are unable to shop they often donate money instead, which the Adopt-A-Family organizing group uses to purchase additional gifts. Pomona Fellowship Church has been participating in this program for many years.

To learn more about Pomona Fellowship Church of the Brethren, visit www.mypomonachurch.org.

Do you have a story of Giving to share during the month of December? Email Lauren Cohen at pastorlauren@mypomonachurch.org or share your story on Facebook using #KindnessPomona!

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