Purpose Church celebrates recovery & community

Tim McAnlis of Purpose Church shares the following story:

“There is healing power in the act of helping others. This has proven to be very true for myself and many others that are weekly attendees of “Celebrate Recovery” at Purpose Church in Pomona. Celebrate Recovery is a safe, Christian-based support group where anyone can learn how to experience freedom from any of life’s many hurts, habits, and hang ups. When I first walked through the doors of C.R. (Celebrate Recovery) a few months ago, I was feeling hopeless and broken. A few of the leaders went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and welcome. They invited me to another local C.R. meeting on Thursday nights as well as a local ministry they did on Monday nights which involved helping the homeless. I gladly accepted the invitation hopeful to find some type of healing in what was relayed repeatedly as one of the topics discussed that night – helping others.

Upon arrival at the rendezvous spot on Monday night, there were about 5 others that showed up to help.  One of the leaders had some hot dogs, buns, and condiments along with some cases of bottled water in the back of his truck that they had purchased and cooked. We proceeded to drive around local areas of Pomona (mainly along Holt Ave.) stopping wherever we would spot homeless people along the side of the road and asked them if they were hungry and/or wanted some prayer.  As you can imagine, there were not many who refused what we were offering as the majority of these individuals hadn’t had an actual meal in days, much less anyone offering them something free without any “strings attached”. The look in these people’s eyes when they were handed a warm hot dog and a bottle of water was priceless. We offered prayer to these individuals and we asked God to comfort their hearts and bodies and heal them from their sicknesses. The little glimpse of hope that was seen and felt immediately on both ends is the healing power in which I had never experienced first hand before.

Over this holiday season, I have been privileged to watch this ministry blossom. What started out as a handful of people going out one Monday each month is now a weekly outing with an average of 15-20+ people participating regularly. Hot dogs and bottled waters have upgraded to blankets, jackets, clothing, hygiene products and other valuable items that have been donated to our ministry from church members and other charitable agencies that have heard about what we are doing. I have also seen young men and women (new to the faith) mature spiritually and step up in leading the prayer with these people now. Wow! God is so good!

My spiritual growth has been super charged by this ministry and I pray that God continues to bless us all as well as those that are out on the streets in need. To conclude,  I encourage and challenge anyone reading this to lend a helping hand this holiday season to someone in need, and watch how the simple act of giving out a little hope to others will make your day so much more meaningful and joyful. We thought of a good name for this local ministry which caters to those in need: H.E.L.P. (Hope, Encouragement, Love, and Prayer). We can all use a little more of this on a daily basis, don’t you agree? Happy holidays and God bless.”

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  1. GOD has changed many life’s. It has been a blessing to have the chance to help others . God is constantly changing my life and because of his love my life is better.

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