Westmont Elementary School

Submitted by Maria Jose and Maria J. Lopez Solis.


“Wesmont’s Garden Club Members & Mr. Meza’s 2nd grade class.”

Project Description

Type of Project: Activity

“My interest in urban gardens led me to work in a close partnership with Mr. Meza’s 2nd-grade students and the garden club to host a harvest day on November 18th. Students showed their appreciation for their garden, families, and community members by harvesting and giving out their grown produce free of charge. Please see the application and pictures that are attached to this email. Let me know if you have any questions, or if you have any trouble opening up any of the files. This truly was a remarkable gesture and it brought everyone so much joy.”

“As a means to express gratitude to our land, parents, and community members our students hosted a harvest day on November 18th, 2019. An hour prior to dismissal students from both the garden club and Mr. Meza’s 2nd grade class gathered in both of ours gardens to harvest, bundle, and display our produce. Everything students harvested from sugarcane, ejotes (green beans), squash, zucchinis, and radishes were all laid out on our school benches for families to take free of charge, during dismissal. The harvest would not have taken place without the loving care our students, parent group, teachers, and community members consistently showed our garden. As a thank you and appreciation students were excited to share what they had carefully watched grow over the semester, with the rest of their community. With the holidays coming up most of our radishes went home to become a topping for a bowl of posole and the sugarcane as a great addition to a nice hot cup of ponche. Parents and community members were thrilled to see all that had grown and even more that their children were being exposed to the origin of our food. From it we had a surge students and parents that showed interest in volunteering to help with our gardens. Our garden is truly a gift that keeps on giving.”

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